Untitled (Grey) is a water pipe for one to six people. The color (a little difficult to see in the photographs) is a transparent grey. Smokers inhale from the outer ring of acrylic tubes. There are three rings of acrylic tubes and a central unit built of clear acrylic that holds a large bowl which is shared by all of the smokers.

(zij aanzicht)

This drawing provides a birds-eye view of Untitled (Grey). The blue circles and red lines illustrate the smoking aparatus for one person. Marijuana is placed in a large bowl at the center. Coming out of the central unit, the smoke goes through two flexible tubes. One connects to a 10" acrylic tube in the center ring and the other to a 16" acrylic tube in the middle ring. The smoke is filtered by water in the acrylic tubes and then passes through more flexible tubing into a 32" acrylic tube in the outer ring.

(boven aanzicht)

Each tube (except for the central unit) is filled with water. In addition to filtering the smoke, the water provides resistance. The resistance is necessary so that if there are fewer than six smokers air will draw through the bowl, not the unused tubes.


Bron: Eric Doeringer


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