Untitled (Blue) is designed for up to two users and is the first of my bongs to feature moving parts. It has a remote lighting/carb system controlled by two levers. The acrylic tubes are transparent blue. Other pieces are made out of translucent blue and blue mirror plexiglass.


Users inhale from the two tall tubes at the rear of the pipe. The bowl is contained in the large horizontal unit at the front. There is a second unit at the heart of the piece which has two levers. One lever activates a lighter in the front unit, the other releases a carb.


Smoke travels from the long tube in the front unit to the two shorter elevated tubes. Then it moves out of the front unit and into the small upright blue tubes (where it is filtere


The front unit holds the bowl, lighter, and carb. The close-up at right shows a detail of the bowl and lighting aparatus. Extra bowls and a stash box are stored below the lighter.


The carb is a stopper which pulls out from the rear of the horizontal tube to allow additional air to flow through the bong.


This photograph shows the central unit. Note the levers at the top which activate the lighter and the carb.


Bron: Eric Doeringer


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