Untitled (Blue and Light Blue) is one of the newer bongs. I recently retooled the design to make it sturdier and improve the water seal. The piece consists of thirteen vertical tubes arranged in a circle, rising to a height of over eight feet. It features two smoking stations which operate completely independently (i.e. smoke is not shared between users).

The upper (light blue) parts of the tubes are filled with water. An air pump produces a constant stream of bubbles in the odd-numbered tubes (see diagram at below left). When the pipe is smoked, the user causes the remaining tubes to bubble.


The bowls are located in tubes #4 and 10. If the pipe is smoked from #4, smoke is filtered in the upper part of tubes #2 and 6 before returning to the upper part of #4. Water may also be placed in the lower part of tubes #4 and #10 for extra filtration.

This close-up shows one of the smoking tubes (#4). The bowl is in the center tube near the bottom of the photograph. An air pump creates bubbles in the tubes to either side, although the bubbles are too small and fast-moving to show up in this photograph.


Bron: Eric Doeringer


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