You'll find general information about cannabis and other softdrugs like hash and hashoil on this page. The beginning smoker will also find this useful, as there are alot of explanations for the beginning smoker.

About Rollen:
This page will explain how to roll a simple joint. This is also useful for the beginning smoker because this is where it starts for the smoker.

About Mix:
The mix is the most important part of the joint, that's why I've included a page about mix. this page will explain the best ways to distribute the mix in your joint.

About Roaches:
Roaches are also important for a joint, because the disallow tabacco to enter your mouth when you take a hit. They also make for a smoother smoke.

About Papers:
And then you have papers, there are a lot of different papers available. On this page you will find information of the differences between papers.

Weed Terms:
For those who hear people or friends talk about weed, but don't understand the terms, I have included a page with the most common weed terms. So when you read this page, you'll be able to talk with them from now on :)