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Nieuws / Updates:

Datum: 2007-03-19 : Coffeeshop search
I've added a new page with a map containing all the known coffeeshops in the Netherlands. On this page you can view information about the coffeeshops, and you can calculate a route from a place to this coffeeshop. I'm still busy on finishing the new forum, I expect it to be online soon. Until next time...

Coffeeshop Search

For the best viewing experience of this website and in particular the "Coffeeshop Search" page, I recommend using FireFox. This browser is for example much lighter for your Operating System, is less sensitive for spam- popups and spyware, and loads pages much faster! Especially for viewing the "Coffeeshop Search" page I recommend FireFox, because it loads all the coffeeshops much faster because it handles lots of data better than Internet Explorer.

Below you will find a button where you can download FireFox:

Datum: 2007-26-02 : Big Update
Picture Hi people, I felt it was time for a big update. I've completely made the site in php again. I also added some new functions in this website. It is now possible to add comments to the pages when you are registered and logged in. I have also worked on a new forum for smokers hangout. I am making this forum because the link with my system on the website isn't too compatible with my current forum, so I have decided to implement my new forum in this website and get rid of the old one.

I have also made a language system as you can see. On the rightside of the page is an extra box where you can change your language of this website. Soon I'll translate all of the pages into english, but until this time I have added some pages you can already read. I am now working on the 'Stuff' page because the video-clips aren't working at this time. Maybe you've already noticed some of the menu-items to be broken. I apologize for any inconvience.

Datum: 2006-06-12 : Weed Seeds
I have found a cheap and good website where you can purchase weed seeds online. I added a banner at the rightside of this website. You can also choose a type of seed at the menu "Weed" by choosing any of these kinds of weed. You can purchase these seeds thru this website.

Datum: 2006-06-12 : Stuff Module
I've finished the Stuff module and added it to the members section. When you register at the forums, you will be able to login on the rightside with your username and password.
By logging in you get access to an extra menu, where you can now submit stuff to this website. Your sent information will be checked first by myself.
When the information has been approved, it will be added to the website under your name.

Datum: 2006-06-06 : Reggae Clips
Picture I've added two reggae music clips under the menu "Stuff". The clips are from Eek-A-Mouse. I am still looking for other cool music clips but haven't found anymore so far. I've also updated the menu "Weed", by adding a few new kinds of weed.

Datum: 2006-05-10 : Growguide
Picture I've added new information under the menu "Growing". I've added a growguide for growing weed outdoors. It also contains a lot of info about using the best earth, conditions and nutricions to get maximum results.

Datum: 2006-05-10 : Weed Tattoos
Picture I've found some cool tattoos about weed on the internet, and I've added these to the menu "Stuff". As soon as the loginscreen is finished, members will be able to add their own subjects to the menu "Stuff". Before the info will be added, an administrator will check your message before it goes on this website.

Datum: 2006-05-08 : Big Update
Picture I've made a big update today. I've been working on the "Weed" page. I've already added about 50 different kinds of weed with descriptions and effects. I've also added a poll to this website so I can find out some info about the visitors of this website.
I've also added a forum, where you can register and login on this website.

I am now working on the login screen, so the visitors kan add some content to this website by joining the forums.

Datum: 2006-05-02 : Cooking
I've added all the recipies about weed I could find under the menu "Cooking". For example, the recepies contain one about making a Space Cake, Purple Pesto, Hash Brownies and others...

Datum: 2006-05-01 : Rolling + Stuff
I've added joints under the menu "Rolling". I'm working on finishing the "Cooking" pages. I've also added some Flashgames under the menu "Stuff", which are about weed.